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Sat, Jul 19, 2014 Sorry about the recent down time, folks. Something went wrong with something and someone had to fix it. But isn't that always the way? Yeah. That's the way. But it's solved now, apparently, so... enjoy.
Sat, Jul 12, 2014 Hey, it's vampires. When you've got a story with vampires in it there's got to be a scene like this sooner or later, it doesn't matter how gross you make them.

Sat, Jul 5, 2014 Does this seem a little kinky to anyone else? Not that... not that I meant it that way. I mean... nevermind. There's a, um, change of subject right there.

Any Patreon subscribers who have yet to receive their monthly "nude" comics, never fear! Unless, I don't know, you're being attacked by a bear or something. Then you ought to reasonably be very afraid, but not where I'm concerned! Some of last month's pledges have been taking a little longer to come through, so it seemed like I should wait an extra day or two to send out the rewards package. I'd do it now, but I'm not at my usual computer. As always you all have my most profound gratitude for your support of me and my work, it's been a marvelous boon.

Speaking of all that, I haven't forgotten the stretch goals that have been met! The first mandated monthly video's been posted (if that's what you want to call it), and the eBook versions of the comic are still very much on their way. Oh, man, they're going to exist so hard it won't even be funny.

As for Zandra, I've decided to create an "Ask" Blog! You know, one of those things where people can send questions to someone and they'll answer in comic form. It seems like that's pretty much the modern version of a "journal," and I think it would suit Zandra. I've never made one of these things, though, so I'm moving slowly (which tends to be my default speed when I do anything ever). If anyone knows of any helpful links or has personal experience that might help me to put this together, feel free to contact me. I don't mind asking for help, I'm humble that way. I'm so humble it's sexy.

...Sexy. Yeah...

Sat, Jun 28, 2014 This week's page is going to be up a bit later than usual today, probably sometime this evening. Various factors conspired against me, as various factors have been known to do. Don't worry, though. We'll get them back for this somehow. We'll make them pay.

Sat, Jun 21, 2014 This is the third scariest date this guy's ever been on.

So how do you like the shading lately? I brought that shading with Patreon money, y'know. That's thanks to viewers like you!

All joking aside, seriously. I'll thank the HELL out of you people.

Sat, Jun 14, 2014 Yeah, you all knew she was going to be scary. But you didn't know she'd be, like... SCARY scary. Though the real irony here is that this guy knows a guy who would totally be into this sort of thing.

You may notice I'm attempting to push my limits concerning contrast and shading. It's something I've always meant to improve. Now seems like the right time... maybe we're finally testing that line between urban fantasy and the horror genre.

Meanwhile, hey, I've reached yet another Patreon milestone! This means that, in addition to Zandra's Journal and the E-Books, I'm now obligated to make at least one YouTube video per month. And now I'm going to need to make some new goals! I'm open to suggestions, in case anyone wants to sound out. For example, there are books that need printing... At any rate, thanks again to everyone who's decided to become a patron, it's making a hugely positive difference.

And with that I vanish in a sulfurous cloud of stinking black smoke.

Sat, Jun 7, 2014 First I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the Patreon deal since last week, you're all fine human beings. Thanks to you and your ilk there'll soon be a few new features to mess around with... like Zandra scribbling up vignettes for us again. I'm thinking that she should start herself a Tumblr. That seems like it would suit her.

Also, those of you who've pledged enough to earn one e-book might want to think about which one you want. Volume 1 covers the comics from May 2000 through September 2002, Volume 2 will run the story from November 2002 to April of 2005, volume 3 will pick up from there and go through October 2009, and volume 4 will consist of the comics from November 2009 into November 2013. Those will all be available soon, barring incompetence.

Completely hopping topics here, did anyone notice the fan fiction page was missing a story? How long had that been going on? Thankfully I can edit the site again, so if you never heard of it, check out Tom Irony's A Million Shades of Grey. It should have been brought to your attention a long time ago. Heck, it dates from before Sandra went to Dreamland!

Oh, I remember when I used to get fan fiction. Those were good days. But hey, right now's turning out to be good days too!

Sat, May 31, 2014 Dublin's a swell town. Any of you out there reading this from Ireland, you have my congratulations for keeping your realm clean and whimsical. But now I'm back, and if anyone can guess which cult classic TV show I've referenced in today's comic I'll be relatively surprised. Meanwhile, the management begs your patience while we finalize Wally's facial hair.

That having been said, it's come to my attention that you people are wonderful. The Patreon system has really taken off, and I guess I underestimated you all because it's moving up the goal ladder faster than I anticipated! I'm going to have to scramble a bit to get those promises met, so I'll thank you for your patience (I might've been further along but I caught a cold this week and my attention was diverted by the task of producing my own body weight in snot). But thanks to your generosity, E-Books of Zebra Girl will be coming into existence over the next few weeks and sent out to many of you. All of you who've set up recurring payments of any amount will be getting "naked" Zebra Girl comics delivered soon, and several of you will even be getting a requested doodle! Man. At this rate I'm going to have to come up with some new rewards!

And of course it goes without saying that this is a tremendous help to me and the comic. I can't say that Zebra Girl isn't often a struggle... in fact I can say quite the opposite. It's very often a struggle. I used to think that I'd get a handle on it after a while, but fourteen years later I still sweat every single page. So thanks, each and every one of you... and not just those of you who support me monetarily. If all you do is click me up the webcomic list now and then, heck, if all you do is just read Zebra Girl, then you're helping me in ways that can't be measured.

And yes, if you hadn't noticed, I AM finally capable of fixing the site. Feels damn good not to be hanging around in that "Does Something" box for a change.

Tue, May 20, 2014 To reiterate, there'll be no comic this week as I'm going to be in Dublin for a few days. So now you can be certain that Wally won't be seeing and thinking exactly the same things twice for some weird reason. It's just the same page.

That said, I'd like to thank everyone who's joined the Patreon campaign so far. You're all great, and I think it's really going to augment the comic in the future. You'll get your rewards at the turn of the month!

Sat, May 17, 2014 Good lord... this is, what, the seventh variant dialog box/balloon that I've had to invent so far since I began this chapter? Cripes, this is getting silly.

But here's an announcement, so never mind all that. I have a Patreon campaign set up! This is a promising experiment and I hope it'll be a success. If you don't already know, Patreon is a system whereby you (or someone else) can set up automatic recurring payments to support an artistic endeavor (such as my life). It'll be interesting to see how it goes! I'll appreciate you taking the time to check it out, even if you don't contribute. I'm open to suggestions on how I might improve my setup, and anyway, I put a lot of work into that video and stuff!

You know what else is interesting, though? Let's talk about something else that's interesting. Fan art! Yes! I've finally received fan art, for the first time in, oh, Heavens, in years. I'll have to show it off through Photobucket of course since I've also been trying to get into my stinking FTP shell for some years now without success, which is why this website STILL ISN'T FINISHED. But that's not the primary focus of this paragraph. No, Stephanie Parker (whose work you can and should investigate here and here) took the initiative to color some of the more recent strips (like so, so, and so and so), and then stepped above and beyond to produce this FANTASTIC portrait of Zandra. Words fail me, but it's some degree of great. Gorgeous, it is! Man! That's one for the books, yessir.

Ah, this brings me back. I used to have a dandy little trove of fan art. Man I hope I can get this mess of a site fixed up proper some day. But I'm afraid it won't be soon, and neither will the next comic. I'll be visiting Dublin next week, so you'll have to wait a while to see if Crystal wins.

Yeah I bet that's all you really care about. But wish me a pleasant journey, eh? Later!

Sun, May 4, 2014 Ah! I almost forgot the vines. I'm glad I noticed before the weekend ended! That's my "grace period," y'see. But if you'd like to see the comic without the decorative vines in the upper left-hand corner of this page, send me a special request via e-mail and I'll send you a copy. If you'd like it signed, print it out and mail it to me and I'll have one of my proxies pen a reasonable facsimile of my signature along with a pleasant salutation. "To my greatest fan," something like that.

Of course, if you feel that the comic is better without the decorative vines in the upper left-hand corner, send me a message. If I receive over 1,000 personalized requests, I'll replace the corrected page with the original vine-less version.

If I only receive a few messages I still might consider undoing this correction if a donation is made of at least $7,000.00. To sweeten the deal I'll send the payee a picture of me smiling at them so they can always feel liked.

The future of this page is in your hands, my friend. Never let it be said that I wasn't desperate to accommodate the fans.
Sat, May 3, 2014 Urrugh. Man. This one was a chore.

But then, after 25 hours without sleep everything starts to seem like a chore. Though the malfunctioning scanner and the hyper-sensitive mouse didn't help. It's not my usual computer, see. And when you try to work on a new computer the spirits generally punish you for your presumption. But oh! I just know I'll laugh about it later.

And it's stuff like that which makes me want to knee my future self in the groin.

Sat, Apr 26, 2014 I give credit where it's due, See? The photo reference I used for the bottom panel is apparently by someone named Natalia Bratslavsky, and the idea for having Jack communicate with his fingers in a "phone" position comes from "The Photo Album," a fanfic by GarethC. So thanks for that, Gareth. I generally keep to my own ideas, but every once in a while something just seems to fit the comic like a glove. I ain't above taking a good suggestion here and there.

I'm just not very far beneath it.