News for February 2011:

Fri, Feb 18, 2011 You didn't think I'd make it, did you? But I did. Hah. And hey, what's this? Why David Strait is making this day even nicer with another page in his Queen Sandra series of fan comics! How the Hell great is that?? You remember the last ones, don't you? Well here's page one, page two, and now page three. Thanks, David! Yeah, I told you those kids weren't mine. This new page, like the last ones, is dedicated to a beloved pet who also recently passed away. The dog's name was Sami-turd Breath. The page is not so much dedicated to the fleas which killed both the dog and the cat and gave David an infected eyelid.
So that's me for this week, but before I go I'd like to thank everyone who's donated since I put the box back up. I'll reset the counter soon. Just... busy, man. So much worrrrk.
Mon, Feb 14, 2011 Work slowing down the comic. Come back Friday. Cry on whatever shoulders will welcome you.

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