News for April 2012:

Fri, Apr 27, 2012 This week's comic is earlyish but also tinyish. It's all because I'm going to be spending the weekend in New York City as part of MOCCA Fest, so if you happen to be near the 69th Regiment Armory (on Lexington Avenue) on Saturday or Sunday, see if you can find me.
I bet you can't.
Sat, Apr 21, 2012 I almost had Sandra say the Land of Ice Cream is pretty "cool." Or "sweet." But then I thought, man, forget it.
True story.
Sat, Apr 14, 2012 The comic will be up a little later this weekend... boy, I'm glad I changed the headline. You wouldn't think changing it from "updated unpredictably" to "updated weekends" would be liberating, but it somehow is. Anyway, I've been graciously invited to a symposium at the Bard College. Plus, y'know, Friday the 13th. Slows you down, those ineffable supernatural forces, they do.
Sat, Apr 7, 2012 It might be cheap to finish the "Does Something" animations on an old pop-culture reference.
That doesn't bother me.
No, what matters is that it's finally done! Are you disappointed? Are you?? I'll survive. What matters is that's one less monkey on my back! Now I can start working out my new donation incentive. Maybe sketches. Little Pony cast members?
Yeaahhh... might make a note of that.
Mon, Apr 2, 2012 I'm gonna tell you guys a secret... that April Fools thing? Totally unplanned. I honestly didn't even think of doing anything for this year. I'd just finished this whole comic and gone to bed when I was woken up in the middle of the night by the baying of dogs. And while I was on my way back to sleep it occurred to me... I had, apparently by sheer coincidence (or at the very least by machinations of which I was not overtly conscious), maneuvered Sandra into EXACTLY THE SAME SCENARIO I'd caught her in LAST YEAR. I could repeat the SAME JOKE on the SAME DAY. Hell, with a goblin riding on her back it was even better. And, I realized, I couldn't call myself an honorable cartoonist if I didn't capitalize on something so fortuitous. So, like I said, I dragged myself out of bed, drew up a new Pony-themed panel, and made the April Fools day comic in the same vein as last year (I was even at my backup computer, which just so happened to have the files I needed for the cut-and-pasting). Sometimes things just work out, don't they? A night's sleep is a small price to pay for making you happy.
You're happy, aren't you darling?
So have the real comic now. And we'll just see if she gets turned into a pony again next year. I'm sure this is exactly the sort of tradition that Sandra would love to get started.
April Fools.
Sun, Apr 1, 2012 Okay, y'know? ...On second thought, my original plan for this part of the story was... frankly weak, and kind of cliche. And the comic I made was a let-down, especially after you waited for so long. So here, I got myself up in the middle of the night like a mad man, rewrote the story, and drew up something better. We're going with this from now on, and it's gonna be great. She reached in the box and now she's a pony. Sandra the demon pony and her new friend Shellshocked the Goblin riding off to magic adventures. This is the comic. I think it's for the better.

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